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PRESS RELEASE                                               Contact:  Bob Hudek

June 28, 2004                                                           608-256-1250 x15




Wisconsin Citizen Action plans aggressive campaign to communicate with its 75,000 members statewide on the presidential election

 Wisconsin Citizen Action’s Board of Director’s voted unanimously to endorse U.S. Senator John Kerry for president at its annual Board meeting on Friday.

 “I am proud to announce Wisconsin Citizen Action’s strong endorsement of John Kerry for president.  Kerry’s commitment on key issues important to the people of Wisconsin such as affordable health care, job creation and promoting workers rights, a strong public education system and protection of the environment made this an easy decision for the Board, “said Sheila Cochran, WCA Board President.

 “George W. Bush’s record is clear.  He is more interested in giving tax cuts to big corporations and the wealthiest among us than in ensuring all Americans have access to health care and family supporting jobs,” continued Cochran. “We need a president who will stand up for working families, for our children and for the environment.  That’s why we will do whatever we can to see that John Kerry is elected President in November.  This is the most important election of our lifetimes.”

Wisconsin Citizen Action has more than 75,000 members statewide.  We are a coalition of more than 200 organization including labor, environmental, tribal, students, senior citizen and women’s groups among many others.  WCA has a 20 year history of working for social, economic and environmental justice. We unite the political power of our members with the power of a diverse coalition to build power around issue and electoral campaigns.

“In a recently completed membership identification program, we found that a majority of our members who have made up their minds on who they will vote for are supporting John Kerry.  We have a significant percentage of our members who are undecided as well.  Wisconsin Citizen Action has plans to contact our members to inform them where Bush and Kerry stand on the issues, said Bob Hudek, Co-Executive Director of WCA. “We are taking this message directly to their doorsteps, as well as contacting them via mail, telephone and email.  WCA will implement the largest member contact program in our 20 year history.  The stakes are too high to do anything less.”

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